100 years of innovation, 100% French comprehensive know-how.

Brillard & Choin is a centenary company of 20 employees located in the Hauts de France, the French leader in the field of engineering and production of high and ultra high voltage electrical pylons.
Its sector is that of the transport of energy, its customers are RTE, and the major engineering customers: Bouygues énergie services, ENGIE, EDF, Omexom, Eiffage énergie, ELIA (Belgium), INABENSA (Spain), EDF - Reunion, Enercal - New Caledonia...
96% of Brillard & Choin's turnover is generated in the energy sector and 4% in the provision of services for other sectors.
With its leading position in the field of electrical energy transport, Brillard et Choin is at the heart of the energy transition and green growth in France.

Our Strengths

Brillard et Choin is a reference in the market, a trademark. The company is recognized for its skills, its high level of quality, service and also its ability to perfectly master its customers' projects in terms of engineering, production and logistics.
Through its expertise, organization and investments, Brillard & Choin masters all the internal and external processes of the company (commercial, project, finance, engineering, production, logistics) through modern, computerized and digital tools perfectly adapted to its customers' expectations.
The time required for aerial line projects has been divided by 2 in the last 5 years and the installation of pylons is done more often by helicopters. It is, therefore, necessary to be able to deliver complex pylons in kit form in record time. This is the challenge that Brillard & Choin meets every day with a service rate close to 100%. Brillard & Choin has no complaints with any of its customers.

Our Strategy

Brillard et Choin holds in its hands one of the fundamentals of the French green growth and energy transition, namely the distribution of electrical energy throughout the French territory and to our foreign neighbors (electrical superhighway).
Positioned at both the market for the renewal of old lines and the creation of new ones, Brillard et Choin is directly concerned by all distribution needs.
Brillard 2021->2025's strategy is to pursue a strategy of profitable growth.

Our Carbon Footprint

Brillard et Choin is based in France and its carbon footprint, measured in tons/km related to the road transport of the pylons, is between 3 and 5 times lower than that of its foreign competitors (Spain, Italy, Turkey...).
This is an extremely important criteria for all of our customers, including Rte, Bouygues, Eiffage, Engie, etc., when choosing solutions and suppliers. Our clients must ensure that their aerial line construction projects have the lowest carbon footprint as possible. Brillard & Choin is the best solution in the pylon market. The "Made in France Brillard et Choin" concept is a real asset.

Brillard & Choin are experts in all engineering processes & projects, manufacturing, testing and assembling.

100 ans

years of innovation

60,000 m2

of workshops


tonnes of steel stock


tonnes of machined steel